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Housing Division

Homeowner Rehabilitation

Working with OHFA (Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency), SODA is able to provide communities in the service area with the ability to provide new homes to low income families in need.  Participants are chosen through an application process and awarded points based on the information gathered.  Points are awarded based on age, income, disability status, children, and length of time at the residence as well as a few other factors. 

Below are a few of those factors:

  1. Must have lived in the home and kept as primary residence for at least 1 year.
  2. Dilapidated house must be torn down and replaced with a brand new one.
  3. House is replace with comparable house, i.e. mobile homes will be replaced with mobile homes.
  4. House is given to family free and clear as long as the family lives in the house for 5 years and carries homeowner's insurance during the 5 year period.
  5. A lien is placed on the house for the five year period to prevent selling the house without SODA knowledge, and so SODA is notified if the insurance lapses.  If conditions are not met, the house would become property of the county or city in which it is located, depending on whom the grant was awarded to.

SODA maintains a majority of the records for the projects and makes sure OHFA requirements are met so the burden is not totally on the grant award winner.

Grant award winner is responsible for an in-kind match, which can come from sweat equity, use of city/county equipment, and/or city/county employee time.

For more information, please contact a representative of the SODA Housing Division. 

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