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The CDBG Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) grant provides funds to help communities update an existing Local Inventory of Governmental Capital Assets and a Local Capital Improvement Plan and Budget.  The CIP process requires communities to create strategic plans for addressing the needs for publicly owned capital assets.  By prioritizing capital budget needs, a community is better prepared to meet the financial requirements for enhancing its local infrastructure and paving the way for future community and economic growth and stability.

SODA can assist your community with a CIP that helps improve Strategic Planning and Operations by:

  1. Providing an inventory and mapping of community owned assets
  2. Establishing a local administrative and policy framework for making responsible capital budgetary decisions
  3. Clarifying and projecting economic and demographic trends likely to influence the needs for new and expanded local capital facilities
  4. Estimating the cost for repairs, replacements and expansions that incorporate mandatory, essential, desirable and deferrable needs

Eligibility to apply for CIP is as follows:

  1. Eligible Applicants are units of local government (incorporated towns and cities, and counties that are not participants in the CDBG Entitlement Program.  Oklahoma's entitle cities are: Broken Arrow, Edmond, Enid, Lawton, Midwest City, Norman, Oklahoma City, Shawnee and Tulsa.
  2. Eligible applicants must have an existing Local Inventory of Capital Assets and a Local capital Improvement Plan and Budget
  3. All Capital Improvement Planning set-aside projects must qualify their proposals under that national objective to benefit at least 51 percent of people earning low to moderate incomes
  4. The recipient must conduct the project in accordance with the current version of the GeoCIP Capital Improvement Planning Toolkit as provided by the Oklahoma Department Commerce

SODA will be happy to provide your community with technical assistance regarding eligible projects, project concepts, the application guidelines, and other information pertaining to the CDBGT CIP Program.

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