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Economic Development Division

The Economic Development Division of SODA provides assistance in two primary areas. These areas are through the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and the United State Department of Commerce.

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce provides the Community Development Block Grant/Economic Development Infrastructure Financing (EDIF) program that is a partial grant/partial loan that provides public infrastructure financing to help communities grow jobs, enable new business startups and expansions for existing businesses.  The EDIF meets a national objective that focuses on the development of viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment and expanding economic opportunities principally for people earning low to moderate income. The state program achieves this national objective by funding projects in which at least 51 percent of the new jobs created are make available to low and moderate income individuals.

The type of projects funded are publicly owned and maintained improvements that will provide basic infrastructure services to a new or expanding business, including water, wastewater, transportation improvements, and rehabilitation and new construction of publicly owned industrial buildings.

The typical uses of these funds are:

The United States Department of Commerce provides for EDA investment assistance.  An eligible applicant must submit a proposal on the Pre-application for Investment Assistance (Form ED-900P).  EDA uses the pre-application to make preliminary eligibility and investment rate determinations, and to evaluate the competitiveness of a proposed project.  The pre-application allows eligibility applications to obtain EDA's preliminary review before undertaking the completion of a full application for investment assistance.  SODA can provide guidance in completing the pre-application.

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