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E911 Division

SODA desires to offer options and contacts for officials' that are in the middle of an effort to establish a 911 emergency phone system.

The first step is to create a committee that will advise county commissioners/city council members on each step needed for work to move toward a 911 system at some point in the future.

Leaning about the mapping of the county an addressing work - both important elements before the system can become a reality, will smooth the way for cooperation from all entities involved.

A public hearing is recommended in order for the committee to have an opportunity to talk with representatives of companies involved in mapping and the establishment of a formal addressing system for an area planning to establish a 911 system.  The public hearing also is a format to inform the public of the steps involved.

SODA is a member of Oklahoma NENA (National Emergency Number Association).  This organization strives to keep members informed of important legislative issues, technical issues, and much more. OKLANENA's mission is to support a continuously improving emergency telephone number network in the state of Oklahoma.

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